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I grew up on a ranch in rural southeastern Arizona, close to the border of Mexico, where we raised cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, ducks, and geese. I even had guinea pigs and a gerbil. I enjoyed entomology and collected insects, and also had a vegetable and flower garden.

Now I'm a full-time writer and have two Ragdoll cats, two corgis, and a Bichon-poo and cockapoo. I live not far from where I grew up. I majored in journalism at the University of Arizona and ended up in a couple of different careers before being fortunate enough to write for a living. I love my job!

I started writing as a kid and often turned school writing projects that were supposed to be mere paragraphs into novellas. I always dreamed of magic and distant places, things that were different and unique. My imagination took me on flights of fantasy, travels to other worlds.

Reading was something I did constantly. I would get lost in the worlds that authors created and it was something that I wanted to do someday, too.

Susan Vaught was my co-author for the L.O.S.T. trilogy and we had a wild time writing the books together. Susan's Jazz was more than a match for my Bren.

I hope that you enjoy L.O.S.T. and get a little lost yourself on the Path.

—Debbie Ries

About Susan Vaught

S usan started writing at eight, and tries to write a little bit every day even with a day job as a psychologist, too.

Susan loves to hear from readers, especially from kids and young adults who enjoy writing and reading. Susan hopes the books make people think, make them talk, and more than anything, let them escape into a well-told story.

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